P_N_S Man - Today

P_n_s Power – Today

Today, one man (sic) has ordered the killing of a high government figure in another country.   His manliness was severely in doubt.   He had been impeached.   He faced serious competition in running for president late this year.

This man (sic) does not care about the people either in this country or in his own country.   He does, however, care about himself!   He was facing his p_n_s being shortened by the leadership both in this country and in the most isolated country in the world.

To be a real man (sic) one needs to both have a large p_n_s and to proudly display its strength to others.   Other men (sic) and women (slightly, at least sic) need to worship the true God, P_n_s man.   Rules are made for others, who lack the most important massive P_n_s.   He (sic) is above any laws.

Then, of course there is Joe B.   He perhaps has a slightly smaller P_n_s, but note he does his best to proudly show his.   He never, never acknowledges that he has ever made a mistake.   He (sic) is perfect and so, so much more of a leader.

Then of course we have Amazon Man (sic) as well as our two important billionaires running for president and Mr. Facebook.    Hey, the billionaires know how to root out corruption and end the corrupt practice to prevent others from becoming billionaires.   They are really: “of the people” – pretty darn sick.   Amazon man drives others out of business, because if he was only 90% ahead of the competition, he needed to be 99.99% ahead.  Facebook breaches our privacy regularly, but we can not regulate them.  It will be the end!

Privacy, respect – we need to pay for them.   It is the Free Market you know.

The worst thing in the world needs to be avoided at all costs.   Being a wimpy woman.   We are strong – we will always be strong.

I am so proud that I have a P_n_s.   Maybe if I listen and follow the rules I can become rich and famous also.   Maybe I can become a real man (sic)!


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