Trump vs. The Democrats/Impeachment - The Heart vs. The Head

I am learning through Victories, a Chicago area group (that "offers a safe and empowering place for men to discover more about themselves, to connect with other men, and to build the meaningful life they deserve.") to listen significantly to my heart, rather than my head.   I strongly believe that the lessons of Victories are an important one in understanding what is currently happening related to the Impeachment Hearings for President Trump and potentially for the 2020 presidential election race.

In 2016 Trump did not win the election because of perceptions that his political arguments were stronger than those of Hillary Clinton.   The people who voted for and brought victory for President Trump emotionally felt ties that either brought them to Trump or away from Clinton. The election of Trump also did not relate to the hearts of a majority of U.S.ians who were potentially voting in the election. The voters of South Carolina, Kansas and Montana, for example, were going to vote Republican, regardless of the candidate.   California and New York were safe havens for the Democrats. The hearts of the voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and a few other states were what really mattered. So, who were and are these "important people"?   Trump's support generally is around 60% of the white male and around 51-52% of the white female voters.    These voters were and are motivated by their fears, their sympathies and others significant parts of their hearts.    In contrast, those who are almost equally important are the Black and Latinx communities, whose hearts bring them to vote Democratic, when they see hope, and to sit the election out, when they feel dis-empowered.  

 Right now there is a battle in the House of Representatives which is strongly tied to the "heart" of The Senate and The Republican Party.    The voices for Impeachment are strongly, strongly, strongly winning the battle for the intellectual, thinking voice of "President Trump is GUILTY and should be Impeached!".  On the other hand, the strategy of Trump and the Republicans is NOT to win "the battle", but rather to win "the war".  The voice of the intellect says that Trump is "a liar" and "a traitor" and "a corrupt dictator".    The voice of the heart currently is very different!    The voters of Wisconsin purportedly would now elect Trump over Biden by three percentage points. This both makes no sense and makes perfect sense.    As things stand now, the voices in support of the Democrats are seemingly divided and weak emotionally.  Biden is "an old man" who brings limited enthusiasm to older Black voters and the reluctant support of other Democratic voters.   Warren and Sanders are "too radical" for many.

NO Democrats currently draw in the hearts of very many people in Wisconsin.    Trump, the bully, the liar, the traitor is ironically almost the "tragic victim" in the hearts of many, many people now.   His wealth and stands on the issues do not matter.   The fact that abortions will likely not be legal in many states if he is re-elected does not seemingly matter.

Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Chuck Schumer have a problem on their hands that I hope they are aware of.   They need to sway a moderate percentage of white voters by reaching their hearts to the point that they are screaming:  "ENOUGH!"    They need to motivate Black voters so they will turn out in large numbers. Their fears of the alternative must be extreme and they must be angry and not dis-empowered.  

It is not enough that we, the already convinced, will vote for any Democrat and strongly support Impeachment.   It is necessary for people in positions of power to see the issues of the heart and work strongly in addressing them.    They should NOT abandon their methodical collection of the evidence.   They must, however, craft a message that recognizes the pain and fears of those of us who matter.  They must succeed in reaching their hearts.

It will not be easy to do what I am suggesting.   Trump and the Republicans are masters of the magic of deception.   They are using our hearts in a cynical, corrupt manner.

If success is achieved, 10-20% of the U.S.ian peoples' voices will move significantly, recognizing that they have been and are being manipulated.   If this happens The Republicans will face two equally dismal alternatives:   turning on Trump and forcing him out of office or facing catastrophic election losses in 2020 of the presidency and in many congressional races.

I am both concerned and hopeful.  Thanks!

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