Odds and Ends of the Moment

I - I enjoyed the spirited discussion we had last night. It's good to be able to discuss things with a leftist without having it degenerate into a shouting match or denigration of my point of view.

G - I enjoyed moments of our discussion, but in the end it felt and feels like a waste of my time to seriously dialog.   I suspect if we had discussed male/female relations and/or one of several other areas I would have discovered three or more major areas of Drastic Disagreement.

I - I find it interesting that you find it so difficult to respect me. ... Obama, who I consider to have been a divisive traitor who hated this country was never treated as harshly by the opposition, the media or the other half of the country that didn't vote for him.

G -Donald Trump - a TOTAL HYPOCRITE - was strongly supporting abortion rights, democrats, "liberal ideas" etc. - until recently - BUT - always has ONLY cared about DONALD TRUMP - has no ideology - beyond - getting attacked and revered. ...   I can't respect Trump - and based upon your strong support of him, I can't respect you.

Selected portions - I ended things with a final brief email.   I apologize that I'm an intolerant leftist! (hah!)


I decided to deviate from my "political correctness" and went back to an ice cream parlor owned by a Republican who is gong to try to unseat a democratic congressman in Chicago's suburbs.   I hear a customer ahead of me having trouble with the cost of an item - but I don't take that seriously.

I ask for two scoops of coffee ice cream in a dish.   The posting on the wall indicates that it will cost me $5.59 plus the sales tax.   The "assistant manager" tells me that I owe over $9.00!   I tell her that the indication on the wall is that it costs $5.59.  I clarify that I want a "double" of coffee ice cream, not a coffee and ice cream.   She persists, insisting that it is the $9+ figure.

I left the store, without ice cream.  I will not patronize Oberweis - again!   I have communicated with them, both by phone and email about the seeming ineptness of their employee.


Hazel, my granddaughter has started walking several weeks before her first birthday.   Her steps are tentative and only between two of us sitting on the floor.   It is fun to watch and be a part of it.   Her life and her parents' lives will never be the same.  Pictures will follow after her birthday part - probably 9 days from now.


I'm in Madison, Wisconsin for the first time in several years.   It is delightful to be back!   There are some huge changes in new buildings and a lot that is the same.   We met a dog, who had been petted by former Wisconsin star and NBA player Sam Dekker.


It seems that my days with The ManKind Project are over.   I'm okay with this.   I see a nicer future within the Victories of the Heart - area - despite the interchange and experience with the man at the top of this entry, whose big concern is "Antisemitism".      For him I am seemingly Antisemitic, because I do not support Israel's treatment of the Palestinians.


Zoey our dog had a most unfortunate incident.  She got too close to a door going into our building from the parking garage and got her paw caught in the bottom of it.   It added to her timidity!   She is, however, growing nicely otherwise, being very comfortable with both people and other dogs.


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