Insanity - The Highs, The Lows

It's been particularly insane lately!

A week ago Thursday, I awoke, at a red light at the wheel of our car.   The car was about a foot or a little more across the center line.    Previously I had had four or five incidents where I'd fallen asleep or lost consciousness at red lights.   This was the first time it happened while I was still moving while driving.

Needless to say, I was scared  s__tless!    My sleep patterns have been totally disrupted by my constipation.   I am overly exhausted too much of the time. 

I was foolish !!!!!!    I did not realize that I had a very serious problem, until this happened.

After a medical appointment that afternoon, going to an immediate care clinic, being moved across the street to the hospital emergency room, I was then admitted to the hospital.   The reason for my hospitalization was the possibility that my condition was related to my heart condition.

Fortunately, it wasn't!   My (wonderful) treating physician in the hospital said that I could take the bus home (I didn't).   In retrospect, my hospitalization wasn't necessary.


At the same time, my problems with pain radiating into my right leg, which had been intensely painful and my resulting neck condition are thankfully totally healed.    My daily exercise regime is now amazing for me.   I am getting stronger and stronger - physically.

It is important that I be in good physical shape, raising my heart rate substantially while I exercise.  I need to do my best to deal with my heart condition.


In a totally different area, our dog Zoey is a total delight!    Her skittishness isn't helpful, but otherwise she is incredible.   She tears at her plastic toys, with great exuberance.   She loves anything flying in the wind, sticks, balls and many other things.   Zoey is most affectionate.   She is a wonderful companion.  I love our walks!


I have finally made a good connection with Jewish Voice For Peace - Chicago.   I know that working with them will be meaningful and important for me.   Monday night is a training on Anti-Semitism.  Friday is part of a national series of events recognizing Angela Davis.


My Uncle Noach Stein died early last week at either 90 or 91.   I wasn't close to him.   He had been hospitalized for about eight weeks for a number of severe medical problems.    His death, however when it came was totally sudden and unexpected.   He died at about 2:00 p.m.    His funeral was held at 5:00 p.m. and his body was off to the airport to be flown to Israel to be buried next to my Aunt Shoshanah (Shanny) there.

My aunt was an incredible person.   My uncle less so.

My feelings were colored by something he told me perhaps 10 years ago.    An Israeli granddaughter of his was about to get U.S. citizenship.   I asked him if she would ever live in the U.S?   He said: "No".    He explained further.   U.S. tax law intends to prevent U.S. citizens living abroad from having double taxation such as between Israel and the U.S.

When one was has low income, as his granddaughter's family would have with a (future then) (Orthodox) husband who would be a scholar, U.S. tax law has a tax credit, which would actually pay monies to their family, based upon the number of children that they have.    In such a family, birth control is not practiced, and commonly there are about 9-12 children; hence a sizable tax credit.

I was furious, though I said nothing to my uncle.    People such as him would think poorly of various stereotypes of (poor) Black People.    Their votes would likely be, as my brother views things, for the current U.S. president.   It seemed and seems totally hypocritical to me.

I couldn't believe that this was possible.  I wrote to my senators and house representative.   They confirmed the validity of what I had been told and indicated that politically it wouldn't be changed.


My partner B - has been a wonderful, loving companion!  I am very thankful.

I am blessed!   Despite the pain and the difficulties I'm having now, life is good.   I can only hope that things will get better for B who has been having  a rough time.



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