Asleep at the Wheel

Perhaps a month ago I started having a scary experience.   Four or five times, while were driving alone, I would stop at a red light.  Seconds later I would wake up, with the light still red.

I should have immediately recognized that I had a very serious problem and taken action, but I didn't do anything.

Almost two weeks ago, after B drove us to O'Hare Airport, I drove back going to a store.  This time I fell asleep or passed out approaching the red light.   When I woke up the light was still red, but the car was about one to one and one half feet across the center line.

I was totally freaked out!

I knew that I could have killed others or been killed.

A few hours later I had an appointment with my physical and rehabilitation physician who treats me for my pelvic floor issues.   She was very, very concerned!   She indicated that I should have appointments as soon as possible with my primary care physician and my gastroenterologist.

After making appointments for both doctors, I went to the immediate care clinic across the street from where I was at.   They gave me an EKG.   A nurse then told me that my medical care needs were beyond what they could handle and she brought me across the street and a building over to the emergency room.

I was later admitted to the hospital.   The sole medical issue was whether there was an underlying medical issue related to my heart condition.    The next day after the results from my echocardiogram were negative, I was released from the hospital.

I am thankful that I am alive.   I am still not clear how to get my constipation issue resolved or greatly improved so my sleep pattern can return to normal.   I am awaiting several medical examinations.


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