Joe Biden: Are You Listening?


Two weeks into Israel’s assault on Gaza, some State Department employees had already signed on to memos criticizing the White House’s unconditional support of the bombings. These memos, sent to Secretary of State Antony Blinken through the agency’s official “dissent channel”—a sanctioned way for employees to show opposition to government policy without fear of retaliation—were the first signs of opposition to Israel’s bombardment from within the United States government.

In the following months, as the administration’s unwavering support for Israel has continued, dissatisfaction within the administration has grown to an unprecedented pitch, with thousands of Biden administration officials coming out against the White House’s Israel policy.

Jewish Currents:


I am part of a community which is protesting the continuing Genocide in Gaza.   We attend protests.   We call our Congresspeople.  We attend meetings of various groups.   We send and receive a lot of emails.

For myself, my communities are often Jewish and the San Francisco Bay Area Protest Community.   

I hope that our efforts will eventually, if not immediately, “succeed”, though what that means is unclear to me.

I am told that – I must support Joe Biden and the Democrats in 2024.  The message clearly is that – IF I do NOT choose to do this, I will be complicit in the election of Donald Trump in November.  

Clearly – many of us fear such a possible outcome.   We are far from the only people who believe that Fascism – a disaster – similar in ways to what Nazi Germany was from 1933-1945 was-  is – both quite possible, and My Responsibility to – try to help prevent.

Vote for Joe Biden – the message says – over and over again!   Vote for the Democrats – for the Senate – and for the U.S. House of Representatives.

IF – I choose – not to do this, the possible Disaster – will be my fault.  I have no choice – in this narrative.


I strongly disagree with this narrative!

I believe – that in the end I have choices – and must make the choices I will make.

Whether to vote for Joe Biden or not is the most obvious choice I have.


For me – right now – voting for Joe Biden is being complicit in the genocide he is clearly supporting. 

Israel’s leadership is committing the Genocide through their Jewish Citizenry.   They could NOT continue the Genocide without U.S. support.   When or If – Joe Biden and the United States say:

“The Genocide stops today, else 100% of U.S. financial and other support will cease immediately”

Will be either the day that the Genocide will stop


It will be a day when Israel becomes similar to North Korea and Iran and Russia in being:

“The Enemy”.   Such power – that we wield, will, if enacted, Finally – change the narrative.

The Palestinian People deserve our support in the way(s) that we claim to support The People of Ukraine.

I will do my best not to continue to support Genocide.   I would hope that if I had been Christian and lived in Germany in 1933, I would not have been complicit.

I can not promise – what I will do in November!   As of now, at least, I feel that it is my duty as a caring human being, to clearly state that I will not vote for Joe Biden – until or unless – he explicitly does his best to End The Genocide.

The first step is forcing – or 100% doing our best - to force the end of the massacre of Gazans, as well as the attacks on Palestinian People in The West Bank and in Israel.

If this succeeds, we will still have a long way to creating a lasting, just peace – that is far more than a ceasefire.   It will require lasting justice for The Palestinian People.

This will also necessitate our serious work in multiple other areas relating to the ending of “All War”.

“All War” to me – includes Islamaphobia.   It also includes our “wars” on Black People and on those who are not wealthy.   It includes our continuing war(s) on Native People in the U.S. and in other countries.  It also includes our war on our planet – as we self-destruct on climate change.

(You may note, that as Jewish American, I am not explicitly stating: “Anti-Semitism”.  This is a choice I am making.  In saying what I am saying, I am not trying to minimize Anti-Semitism.   I am acknowledging in this omission that:

1.    There is a distinct difference between what I would call: “Real Anti-Semitism” and misusing the words, and

2.    The words are being abused – Extensively today.

Anti-Semitism – a real serious issue- where we Jews are threatened and in danger is different from:

“I fear ….” – as is often spoken today – which is comparable to the fears that many white people today feel about how Black People will oppress them if we end systemic racism.

The fears are sometimes real and sometimes not real.   They reflect – far, far, far too often fears that are similar to the fears put forth of “Trans People” or “Immigrants”.

The expressed fears are much, if not a majority of the time – the opposite of “the real problem”.

The Jewish students and faculty at The University of California, Berkeley – in general – are in little or no danger.   The Palestinian students and faculty at The University of California, Berkeley, and those who Strongly support them are – in general – the ones whose jobs and future jobs (and more) are threatened. (one simple, explicit example) )

War – is based on fear and hatred!   I am both very afraid and not afraid at all!   We have a long way to go!

I am trying!   I hope that others – will continue their efforts to help us succeed.   It isn’t a case of “you” not doing what “I am doing”.   It is a case of you doing your best and our mutual belief that:  absent our effort(s) we will fail.  Our hope(s) and our efforts – are “the only way”.

Joe Biden – and politicians – and Wealthy and Super Wealthy People and others who wield power, I hope you are listening and will continue to listen.

The Poor – the Gazan People – the Palestinian People in General – sometimes The Women – and of course The Children – have no choice!

Many of us have a lot of (potential) choices!


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