Who Are The Real War Criminals? Are We The Victims?

 How do we look at these things that are really Important (to me at least)?

Yes, Netanyahu is a War Criminal!   How is this Important for me and for all of us?

Donald Trump is Similar to Netanyahu!

Neither N nor T - came "out of the woodwork".   N - came out of a History of oppressing Palestinians that goes back at least to 1917/8 - when the Jewish People were promised an Independent State and the Palestinians were given very vague promises of potential future autonomy.

N - came out of the forced exodus of Palestinians from their villages in 1947 and 1948.   There was and is no Palestinian Army.  1967 - brought further expropriation.   

T - came out of over 40 years of Nixon - Reagan - and a rightward push of the Republican Party  - while the Democrats - also got more conservative in general.

How do you envision Elon Musk?
Billionaire - and honest in his Anti-Semitism and other Isms.

Is Joe Biden - similar - or Not?
He seems scared to openly speak out for Abortion Rights and Economic Justice - Don't Rock The Boat - too much Joe!

He is grieving his personal losses - tragic losses.   His empathy doesn't extend to the Palestinian People.  He is Complicit and Supportive of Genocide!

I've not heard him describe - HOW - his "Two State Solution"  - is going to Evolve?    It's a great idea - however is it possible any longer?   Is he calling for Jews to leave their Illegal Settlements?  I've not heard this at all!

How about Speaker Mike Johnson?   How about Marjorie Taylor Greene?   How about Jeff Bezos?

Monied Interests - Slogans - None Out to Help Us!

Many of us have feelings about all of these USians!   How do our feelings about them affect us?   How do our feelings about them, individually, and collectively affect what we do, or perhaps more important not do?

Are we organizing?  Are we working - for systemic change - reform - making things Better for more than a moment???

These names - these pictures - they are Important People!

We need to Confront them when they are wrong!  We Need to Organize, Organize, Organize!   We need to Build Coalitions!
Climate - Racism - Anti-Palestinian/Anti-Muslim/Anti-Semitism - all are important!    Reproductive Justice - Gender Equity.

Love and Caring - for Others - NOT Hate!   Ridicule - some of them - if you wish - but DON'T Confuse Ridicule - from ACTION and Helping Safe all of us!

Peace Sister!  Peace Daughter!   Peace - You who are very different from me!   White Men - wake up!   Others also~


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