GENOCIDE is Not the Answer


GENOCIDE is Not The Answer

George Marx
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In 1987, in response to my letter to them (I lived in Madison, WI), the Israeli Consulate in San Francisco informed me that I was listening to too much: “Arab Propaganda”! That didn’t impress me much then, particularly because most of my “sources” were Jewish.

I lived in Chicago during the peak of the Covid Epidemic. After the murder of George Floyd, I joined car-avans protests in the Palestinian-American community multiple times. Young Palestinian-American women (particularly) intuitively got the connection between Racism and the oppression they face in Israel-Palestine.

Frank Ogawa Plaza — October 22, 2023

A rainy mid-day protest in downtown Oakland drew a decent crowd (I’d guess roughly 400–500 people) for a Moslem lead protest of Palestinian people today (Sunday, 10/22). This was the only protest where I heard expressions from one or two speakers supporting — revenge — towards Israeli’s.

Ogawa Plaza — Oakland — October 22, 2023

I was sad, but understanding of the words, particularly of the final speaker, who expressed very mixed beliefs, claiming they were “Moslem” beliefs. For me — a core issue is the never ending fears of Jews in both Israel and other places like the U.S.

These fears will grow larger and larger, the more killing and destruction is expanded now, and in the future! Over 75 years of killing Palestinians — destroying many Palestinians villages, treating the Palestinians as if they were wild animals, rather than like they are fully human — similar to all of us.

The obvious reality is that the “revenge factor” is used as a weapon by the Oppressors — whites against Blacks, men against Women, Cis/Het people against gender non-binary/trans people. It is rare that the oppressed doing more than token attacks against us! In our public schools it is the middle class white boys, who feel unjustly rejected by teenage girls, rather than the poor Black Young Women and Men — who murder in the mass killings.

I was greatly heartened at last evening’s (Friday, 10/20) candlelight vigil in Unity Park in Richmond, California, several miles from our home. The organizers and speakers were mostly young and representing multiple groups of multiple ethnicities.

Unity Park — Richmond, CA — October 20, 2023

A Yemeni-American boy in the 8th grade read a moving poem. Other young people included: African-Americans, Korean-Americans, Latina young women, a Hmong-American young woman, and more.

The message was loud and clear! Settler-Colonialism and Zionism and the genocidal murder of the Palestinian People has been happening for over 75 years. It is particularly virulent now! The U.S. is an imperialist power, the most dominant power in the world!

Earlier Friday — on my way home, I heard of the protest outside of the Federal Building on 7th Street in San Francisco. The “Civil Disobedience” was the paining of a Mural across most of 7th Street. The Federal Police were watching, totally chill.

The music was loud and repetitive. It was effective in conveying its important message.

Candlelight Vigil — Dolores Park, San Francisco, October 18, 2023

Wednesday evening’s Candlelight Vigil in Dolores Park in San Francisco was an important, moving time with others! We were all shaken by the destruction of the hospital in Gaza much earlier in the day. It was a time of shared grief and unity. Our anger was muted.

Dolores Park, San Francisco— October 18, 2023

Sunday, October 15th, following our MERJ — Men for Equity and Reproductive Justice ( — Presentation — (video of it) — I took a Lyft to a Palestinian lead/support rally at Tenney Park in Madison, Wisconsin.

Mixing being at a protest with a celebratory weekend (my 50th University Reunion) — was not new for me. Two and a half years ago for my 70th Birthday, visiting close family friends from my childhood, I found the protest in Raleigh, NC — to focus upon the latest Gazan Assault (tiny, in comparison to today).

I appreciated the solidarity! It was also meaningful to see my cousin E, greatly traumatized by the oppression of the Palestinians. She is an Israeli-American who really cares.

Being out there — is really important for me! I’m always grieving this Genocide! I think that I understand why Hamas has done, what they did. They’re “broken the seal” on their Imprisonment. Escaping from The Concentration Camp after being imprisoned for over 75 years — had “collateral damage”.

I think that it was very wrong! I also feel like it is time for the lies to stop! It is time for the oppression to stop!

We, the Jews, need to deal with our own Deep Trauma! It includes The Holocaust. It also includes 2000 years of terror and oppression. Until we can deal with our own fears and trauma from them, we will never see the Palestinians as “normal” people, who are similar to all of us.

Our Hatred — will perpetuate our Fears! 10, 20 or more years from now the oil will no longer flow from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and other smaller countries in the Middle East.

Those still alive (I’m 72 now!) — in the U.S. — will learn — to their deep horror, that we are NOT really cared about. We will no longer be “strategic”. Nuclear Bombs in Israel’s Arsenal — will never erase the fears — that so many people have.

It is far riskier to live in fear and hatred, than to move with love and compassion seeking a Just Peace!

In closing, I’d like to note that yesterday, while working in solidarity with my fellow Escort at Planned Parenthood in San Francisco, I had a meaningful tie to supporting the Palestinian People.

George — 10/22/23

A man, presumably Palestinian-American — spoke loudly at the protester, standing with her sign in front of the Planned Parenthood Building. He said:

“If you are really pro-life, you should support the Palestinian People”! I pulled up my Escort vest, exposing my “Palestine Shirt”! He smiled!


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