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October 18, 2023 -JVP + Allies - Congressional "Intervention"

October 27, 2023

So, as I look towards the future, what is a Positive (Imagined) Future - that might potentially (eventually) exist.   A Two - State Solution - seems doubtful  - as to being possible.  It could not, for example be - a "new Palestine" - with much Negev Desert land replacing - so much land that has been "lost" to Israeli - Dominance.
The responsibility - for creating The Possibility - of a Two State Solution - rests Firmly upon the U.S. - pushing Israel and the U.N. - and working cooperatively with Russia, China, and the rest of the World - including Iran.   To ask - the Palestinians - or the Egyptians - or Saudi Arabia - or others - to "do the work creating a possibility" is ridiculous!
The U.S. has strongly supported Israel's - takeover of The West Bank  - and it seems apparent - that The Settlers won't leave!   The U.S. has strongly supported the Isolating of Gaza - and now its Destruction.
The Responsibility - doesn't go away - when Suddenly -  Hamas has forever altered The Status Quo!

If - we can't or won't create a Two- State Solution that will create a Just and Lasting Peace - then there remains the options of a Single State - or faintly Possibly - some kind of Bizarre - Confederation, then what will it be?

Now -it is an Apartheid State - where the Palestinians - have virtually Zero Power - except as was demonstrated - through horrific Violence - including the significant Murder of Innocent People - in significant people.

For the Jews - Many of us - and many others - it seems like a "Naqba" or perhaps a "mini-Holocaust".
When we say that - we ignore both the Historical Destruction and Oppression over 75+ years, as well as the current Genocide that is continuing and further Destroying a huge part of the Palestinian People.

Will a Single State be:

"ISRAEL"      or       "PALESTINE"   ??

If -  Israel -  how will it accept - the Palestinians as Equals - not at all as Black People remain in the U.S. - as oppressed deeply - 50+ years after the laws supposedly ended their 2nd Class Citizenship?

If -  Palestine - can we create a world - where ALL - will feel safe and cared for together?

It is a Big Challenge!

I would like to quote - from Stories of Personal Transformation: RECLAIMNG JUDAISM From ZIONISM, edited by Carolyn L Karcher:

“In March 1919,on the eve of the post World War I Paris Peace Conference, ‘Julius Kahn, the German-born Jewish congressman from San Francisco, delivered to President Wilson “A Statement to the Peace Conference” endorsed by 299 Jews.  …[T]he document denounced the Zionists for attempting to segregate Jews and to reverse the historical trend toward emancipation.’  Its signers ‘objected to the creation of a distinctly Jewish state in Palestine’ not only because they feared it would jeopardize the status of Jews like themselves in the home countries, but because they found it ‘contrary “to the principles of democracy’ to elevate Jewish immigrants over Palestine’s Muslim and Christian native inhabitants.  They explicitly denied ‘the existence of ethnic ties among Jews’ and ‘asserted their wish not to see Palestine “either now or at any time in the future’ become a Jewish state.’  They petitioned instead for Palestine to be ‘made into an independent , free, and democratic state that would not recognize any distinctions of creed, race, or ethnic descent among its citizens.’ “ (18) (p. xii)

Istanbul - October 28, 2023

Thousands March in London for Palestine - October 28, 2023

Rome - October 28, 2023

Los Angeles - October 28, 2023

San Diego - October 25, 2023

Brooklyn - October 28, 2023

Gaza - October 26, 2023

Grand Central Station – NYC – Friday evening:  October 27, 2023

Denver - October 29, 2023


Boston U - Student Walkout - October 25, 2023

Philadelphia- October 28, 2023

US Military Jet – Deployed to the Middle East

Chicago – October 21, 2023

Sacramento - October 20, 2023

Austin, TX - October 29, 2023

San Jose, CA - October 29, 2023

The October 7th attack upon Israel by Hamas shocked everyone that I know!   The Israeli response has divided us in quite divergent ways!   

One side speaks primarily of “Hamas Militants” and “Terror” – and is strongly supportive of Israel’s leadership.   This has predominated in the mainstream media.  President Biden, with significant support by Congressional  Democrats.   While the Republican politicians criticize Biden, they aren’t supporting the Palestinians.

San Francisco, October 28, 2023

I’ve been “on the other side” – actively participating in numerous “Ceasefire Now” related protests.

Market Street, San Francisco - October 28, 2023

At the coalition focused protests there have been a number of hopeful signs including:

1.   1. A focus on the needs for positive systemic change – extending well beyond Gaza and the Palestinians,

2. 2.   Direct emphasis on Settler Colonialism and its relationship of Israel-Palestine (Gaza) and the ties to Filipino, Black, Latino, and other liberation struggles,

3.   3. A growing connection among a diverse group of people who are distrusting of “the popular view” and are committed to pushing for an immediate Ceasefire,

4.   4. Significant – involvement of young people from middle-school students through college students and other young adults – in protesting in public.

San Francisco - October 28, 2023

Right now there is an amazing (potential) movement building in The United States!   

I can only hope that it will not dissipate as things seem to be happening among white people – since the Murder of George Floyd in 2020.   White people were horrified by this horrific murder, but far too many of us haven’t recognized and built upon our continuing 400+ years of Systemic Racism.

If a Movement really builds, it will be much different than past Movements in the U.S.     Similar to the 1960’s – it will be largely Youth lead.   It will differ – however – in being Ethnically Diverse – hopefully also with class diversity as well!

It will build upon ending Our Empire – of the Wealthy (of the) U.S. – building upon the backs of those who lack the (seeming) power – particularly those who are BIPOC!    It will be an ending of the weaponizing of non-wealthy white USian people towards a more egalitarian, loving and caring community – locally – nationally and internationally.

Unity Park - Richmond, California - October 20, 2023

I can not predict – whether a mass movement will grow and push against oppression!   I can hope – that we will force – through love and non-violence – a CEASEFIRE – very soon – and following that – a push towards a better world. 

The voices of fear and hatred – and Exclusion – Must Not Triumph!  

Many of us are trying!    I’m a follower of the Youth – those – who are our future!   It is wonderful to see – the young – a majority of whom are East-Indian-American, Yemini-American, Latina/o/X, Black, Palestinian-American as well as our Jewish – Christian – Atheist – Questioning – Non-Binary – Queer and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Bay Area JVP (Jewish Voice for Peace) – Shabbat – Candle lighting – blessing the Challah and more (10/27/23)

As an “old man” of 72 – my energy – is there – and building for allyship – is always my goal!  Thanks!


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