I Really Do Care - Let's Share - Together!

Today (the day that just finished)- I met both:

1. Several Potential Allies - who Hopefully at least one of - will connect in the coming days and weeks - building our Connections


2. Several People - whose views - shared in their Group - at The U of California - Berkeley  - are significantly different from mine on One Key -Basic Issue.

One of the second group - said to me something like:  "Are you open to changing your perspective (e.g. so it will be in alignment with our perspective)?" - to which I responded saying something like:  "I try to listen to understand you better.   While it is possible that my views will change significantly, it may be a 1 in a million to zillion chance.  I want us to respect each other and show our caring, though we may disagree significantly.   My intention is Not to Convince you that My Way is 'Right'.   I hope that we can find common ground, despite our differences."

It does bother me - when people I really care about and I are hopelessly separated - by our differences!   I can't see how we can break down the barriers between us - without Deeply Listening to Each Other - creating - "safe space" - where we can learn and grow!  We may still disagree deeply!

I really hope to connect with some of these young people!   They have good hearts!    It is Easy - to Feel the Divisions - with - "THE OPPOSITION"  - whose views are consistently - totally divergent from my views!   These People do Care Deeply!  Time will tell - I'm hopeful! 

If we share - listening to each other - it will take time and patience - on my part!   "Success" - will relate to mutual respect - NOT - any substantive Outcome!


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