Sadness - July 4, 2023

 I'm very saddened to hear of the death this morning of Sheila Wolinsky, who was a great companion/listener friend to my father prior to his death 59 years ago and was a friend over six decades.

I'm also saddened by the "Celebration" of a day - that Celebrated Slavery and the Oppression of Native People - and Women and Others - who weren't privileged, wealthy white men - and continues to support Hatred, Fear and Divisiveness - as well as continuing Poverty - in "the Wealthiest Country in the World".

Seeing the Unhoused Recently - most deeply in the Tenderloin in San Francisco - as well as in Richmond and El Cerrito near my home, in New Orleans and Chicago - on recent trips - and listening to the Concerns of the Wealthy - and the silencing and Trashing - of the "others" - the Girls and Women - who struggle to have Safe, Legal Abortions and other Bodily Autonomy and Respect, the Blaming of Gender Non-Binary/Trans People, Immigrants, and the Weaponizing of Religion - most prominently - Christianity - with lies, deceptions and Hatred. 

Race is a Social Construct. Its purpose of Dividing Us - and continuing Settler Colonialism - far beyond Africa, India into the Heart of what should be "Our Country" - our Diverse, Fascinating People - not - the Private Palace of the Super-Wealthy - and the Powerful - fed by Denial and Anger!

We must listen to the Trauma and Hurt - and reach far, far more People - to prevent the "Civil War" - we have today!



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