I see two very, very different paths, one of which is satisfying or at least comfortable for many people.   The other path is much more challenging.   I find the first path not helpful!   I find the second path important - and necessary for far, far more of us.


The first path gets a lot of publicity from the news media.   It is also very easy to feel connected to.   It is easy to share on Facebook, other social media or in person with friends and allies.

A current example of the first path is how Representative George Santos is being treated.   He is ridiculed!   Santos gets a lot of media attention.   He is a perfect “villain” for many.   He is a major headache for the Republican Party Establishment.   The currently need to tolerate him, though they may want him to disappear and no longer be in Congress soon.

A second obvious example has been former President Donald Trump.   He has been a source of ridicule, contempt, anger.   He got a tremendous amount of media attention and often and on draws a fair amount of attention,   He, unlike Santos, still has a lot of power, and a lot of potential continued influence and power.

Both men - seemingly crave attention!   Both men provide a lot of controversial quotes.  Both men contradict themselves and at times reality in general.


A second path relates directly to both Santos and Trump.   This path relates to organizing against the political paths that they push for.  Their work largely is within The Republican Party and affects its agenda, its style and relates to a significant percentage of its supporters.

Organizing - in a POSITIVE direction - supporting Positive systemic change is challenging!   Racism is important!   Classism is Important!   Reproductive Justice - Abortion and Birth Control - supporting poor BIPOC and others - Trans/Gender-Fluid People is Important!

It is very challenging to organize growing coalitions of people to take on The Right - steadily building - moving forward.   The Supreme Court creates roadblocks.   The Republican Party - (particularly within Congress) creates Roadblocks.

The Democratic Party - is often ineffective in reaching the hearts - of most USian People!   It doesn’t reach the fears - that the Republicans prey upon!  White men - rarely do a lot of serious work, beyond superficial or otherwise limited efforts.   Black, often Queer Women - are very, very committed!   White, Cis - Upper-Middle Class Women - do more than we white men do, but when the chips are down, many of them also disappear.

Will we move forward? 

I don’t know!

We don’t need to have 25-50% of USians - doing the work.  We do, however, need a lot more of us committed to supporting the amazing work of relatively few amazing people.  

Where those on the Left - are bitterly attacked, look at Who is the attacking force?  How much support is given from those Not on the Right!   Omar and AOC - are easy targets!   Even those of us who are seemingly on their side - often don’t support them when the chips are down!

We can’t count on the Chuck Schumer’s and Nancy Pelosi’s - to be there.   We need more younger - radical and not-so-radical leaders.   More importantly - we need a lot more of us - pressuring Congress, President Biden - and Really Reaching - so many USians.   Some who we need to reach -  are generally  “do-gooders” - who don’t do that much.   Far more of USians  are seemingly apathetic - “not political” - staying away - from the DRAMA - we are experiencing.  We need to reach far more them, helping them see how our opponents are working against their interests.   They need to see how we are their allies.

Hopefully - we are not - another - Germany of the 1930’s!   We have a lot of work to do!  

We need - both to:

1.    Have a tremendous urgency - commitment in the moment


2.    A Deep understanding of how - we need to be in this for the long haul - working through this difficult period of time - working long-term - to fight the odds and build important systemic change - through supporting the Black Women, the Young Women and Trans People - who are putting their bodies on the line for Reproductive Justice and similar.

It’s a tough road!

Let’s move on “Path Two”!

Your view of this may differ from mine!   That’s fine!   We need to work together!  We need to share - singing, shouting, potluck dinners - Together - while we Build and Grow Together!




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