Those Democrats


If the Democrats are trying to portray themselves as the competent party, the Republicans seem to be trying to give them a leg up.

Are the Democrats really “competent”?   Who “rules” the Democrats?   Is Joe Biden competent?   Will Joe Biden be competent enough both to win the 2024 election and to serve as president thereafter?

I have a lot of serious doubts.   The Democrats talk a “good line” about helping “the people”, but do they actually do it?   They seem scared to talk seriously about racism, Anti-Semitism and much more, beyond ranting briefly related to the words of both the Donald, some fellow Republican Crazies and more.  

Talking about racism and classism in the United States is rarely done in depth, when it is done at all by the Democrats as well as the “mainstream media” such as CNN and MSNBC.    It is scary to look too deeply, because the importance of positive, radical systemic change in multiple areas won’t bode well for the profits of the stockholders and the wealthy donors of both the Democrats and the Republicans.

We need schools that will teach us not only our country’s horrendous history of supporting white supremacy (along with the heroic stories of some notable dissenters), but also teach us how “we profit” from a continuing war based economy which pushes “our” interests in Ukraine, The Middle East and most everywhere else.

The key word in the paragraph above is “we”.   “We” is big business.   “We” includes the wealthy and the close to wealthy who really own this country.   “We” does not represent the majority of this country – majority white people – who are exploited and profited from and live with or near poverty throughout their lives.

White people – did NOT elect Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats!   We – voted for Donald Trump and the Republicans.   Black Women – were the real key force in the 2020 election.   In 2022 – the anger of women against the Republicans, not trust and support for the Democrats brought the avoidance of total disaster.

The Democrats talk a good line, in some ways!   They say that they are for “the people” and indicate that they do care.   Their rhetoric, however, generally is a lot stronger than the actions that they take.  We need for a lot more white people, especially men, to do a lot more.

We, upper-middle class men, are good at “sending the check”, however we are far weaker and joining and really “leading” the fights to really, seriously change our country for the better.   It is easier to ridicule Trump and Elon Musk, not to mention Ye and Kyrie Irving, than to recognize and openly say that the world of our country is changing and that we support the rise of young People of Color.

Confronting systemic racism, sexism, and particularly classism doesn’t come easy for many of us!  We need to start “doing the work” not in odd moments, but seriously – building towards a positive future, staying deeply involved through the struggle!  I hope we will really begin to be there and continue being there!  Thanks!


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