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This church's clear message - was attacked anonymously and thankfully has been rebuilt.  We gathered Sunday in a positive affirmation of each other, not intimidated by the cowardly assault - one of what (unfortunately) is one of increasing numbers of assaults - attempting to stop our efforts.

Where are we as a People?

Will the recent Kansas election results be replicated nationally in November?  I don't know.  I want to be hopeful.

I try to be "out" making my perspectives visible to others.

Her Ex-Husband Is Suing a Clinic Over the Abortion She Had Four Years Ago

Nearly four years after a woman ended an unwanted pregnancy with abortion pills obtained at a Phoenix clinic, she finds herself mired in an ongoing lawsuit over that decision. A judge allowed the woman’s ex-husband to establish an estate for the embryo, which had been aborted in its seventh week of development. The ex-husband filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the and its doctors in 2020.

Experts said this rare tactic could become more common, as anti-abortion groups have signaled their desire to further limit reproductive rights. The Arizona lawsuit and others that may follow could also be an attempt to discourage and intimidate providers and harass plaintiffs’ former romantic partners.

This Ms. Magazine story is extremely disturbing!  We, particularly we men, should be protesting this and similar travesties!


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