Ukraine and Russia - The Conflict - and More

In looking at the looming conflict between Ukraine and Russia I see multiple relevant issues – that go beyond the simple issue of whether Russia will invade  Ukraine or not.

Diplomatic talks have failed to ease rising tensions. Russia opposes NATO bases near its borders and has asked for written guarantees that NATO does not expand eastwards. One of the Kremlin’s central demands is that Ukraine never be allowed to join NATO – a move it considers a red line. The United States has refused to concede to this demand.

Russia is bordered by a single country to the west which is Not a NATO member, Ukraine.  Prior to the dissolution of the Soviet Union in late 1991, Russia had neighboring buffers of allies such as Poland, Romania and Hungary.   All similar such states, except Ukraine, are now NATO members.

Russia, and its leader Vladmir Putin, are hardly “innocent victims” of U.S. or “Western” aggression in a way similar to how Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza are controlled by Israel.   Russia, under Putin’s leadership, has interfered with the recent presidential elections, for example.

One should not feel sorry for Russia in the same way that one might feel sorry for the Armenians who were massacred in 1915 by the Turkish Government.   At the same time, looking at other issues related to Russia and Ukraine also makes sense.

The way that we in the United States are looking at this issue is most clearly: “the good Ukraine” and additionally “the good USA”, vs. “the Bad Russia”.

Is the United States and the Biden administration a force of “good” and in that sense an “innocent, well meaning” country/leadership?

Historically, the United States has directly and indirectly lead invasions and assassinated leaders of Cuba (1961), the Dominican Republic (1965 and 1961), Chile (1973), Iran (1953), Vietnam (1955-1975), Iraq (2003-2011). 

Additionally our government has been responsible for the killings of “radical Muslim” leaders such as Bin Laden (2011), Abu Yasir  (January 27, 2021) and Abu Ibrahim al Hashimi al Qurayshi (February 3, 2022).

One can argue, perhaps about the killings of radical Muslim leaders by U.S. air strikes and similar.   One can not responsibly argue that when another country such as Russia has potential military related ties to countries in The Americas, the U.S. defends or accepts such involvement!

I do not understand why others are not speaking out in our “mainstream” media about the fact that the U.S. and Ukraine could call Russia’s bluff most easily in this “crisis” by clearly stating, if not putting in writing, that Ukraine will not be joining NATO – whether “indefinitely”, or for the remainder of the Biden Administration, or similar.

In this sense, either Ukraine, the U.S., or both are making a clear decision to “make a stand” in the same way that Russia is, on this issue.   We are quick to condemn Russia, and appear “reasonable”.

Are we really reasonable?   I don’t believe that we are reasonable in NOT discussing this issue – debating – the political issue of Ukraine joining or not joining NATO. 

Clearly, if Ukraine joins NATO, it will be Very Unlikely to be invaded by Russia.  (It should be noted that the Crimea, which Russia annexed is approximately 10,000 square miles, while Ukraine is approximately 23 times as large.)

I find the relative silence telling!   Is this trying to make Joe Biden look tough?   Is this – helping build the ratings of MSN and CNN? 

Why are we so averse – to discussing “the issues”?   There is a serious issue here.

It is similarly – not “fair” – that – the recent Amnesty International Report – on Israel being an Apartheid State – is not leading to calls major, mainstream calls for Congress to suspend aid to Israel. At the very least, there should be hearings on this issue. 

The U.S should force Israel to actually accept that Palestinian people are equally important as those of us who are Jewish (and Israeli).

Instead – the narrative is derailed to the false allegation of “Anti-Semitism” and Israel being treated unfairly, in comparison to other countries who oppress systemically in their own countries.

We have our heads in the sand!   Our “innocence” is comparable to the innocence of the Germans who didn’t resist Hitler.  They “didn’t know” – just like we “don’t know”!  

Silence is assent!


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