Palestinians - vs. Black Mississippians?

 Mississippi is 57% white, 38% Black and .56% Native American/Alaskan - separating its population by race.

Mississippi joined the Union as the 20th state in 1817 ... Early inhabitants of the area that became Mississippi included the Choctaw, Natchez and Chickasaw. Spanish explorers arrived in the region in 1540 but it was the French who established the first permanent settlement in present-day Mississippi in 1699.

The State of Israel has a population of approximately 9,227,700 inhabitants as of July 2020. Some 74.24% are Jews of all backgrounds (about 6,829,000 individuals), 20.95% are Arab of any religion other than Jewish 


2,900,034 (July 2020 est.) [note: West Bank Population]

note: approximately 418,600 Israeli settlers live in the West Bank (2018); approximately 215,900 Israeli settlers live in East Jerusalem (2014) 

(note:  Settlers not included in 2,900,034 number)

For the purposes of this writing, I will omit Gaza, which has 2,000,000 people living in 141 square miles.   A significant percentage of land is held by Israel - preventing Palestinians from living proximate to its border with Israel.  Chicago has 2.6 million people living in roughly 227 square miles.

There are roughly 6.75 million Jews in Israel and 1.8 million Palestinians

Adding the Palestinians in the West Bank - the totals are roughly 4.7 million Palestinians (omitting 2 million residents of Gaza - which would bring the total to 6.7 million people)

The land area of Israel is approximately 8550 square miles

The land Area of the West Bank is 2183 square miles - including East Jerusalem.  The land Area - "Area A" - where Palestinian "leadership" exists is approximate 18% of the West Bank or a little under 400 square miles.

One can seriously question how much control the Palestinian Authority has, but even if one accepted that it had "control" - of the 4.7 million Palestinians (omitting residents of Gaza) they have control of 400 square miles of a total land area of 8550 + 400 = 8950 square miles or about 4.5% of the land.   While these numbers ignore the land that 1.8 million Palestinian Israeli citizens own within Israel, I think it is safe to say that they own far, far less of the land, than their percentage of the population would proportionally give them.

So, I will estimate - for purposes of example - that Palestinian Israelis own 10% or about 850 square miles of land in Israel - giving them 1250 square miles of land vs. 7700 square miles (in Israel) and 1800 square miles (rounded) in the West Bank or 9500 square miles vs. 1250 square miles.

40% of the population owns about 11% of the land.

It should be noted that Palestinian Israeli citizens who live in "segregated villages or towns" within Israel are not allowed to expand the boundaries of their villages/towns.   Palestinian Israelis can not legally buy dwellings in Israeli cities like Tel Aviv.    Where land is owned by Israelis, it will rarely, if ever, be sold (or rented) to Palestinian Israeli's.  13% of Israel's land is owned by the Jewish National Fund.  None of this land is ever sold or given to Palestinians.

Within the West Bank, Palestinians are forced to tear down their own homes (or pay for their demolition) because they have not expanded them with "permits".   They are virtually never allowed to have such permits.   The Palestinian population is expanding, not contracting.

If one were to consider the residents of Gaza, these statistics would be much more stark - such as with the presumption (incorrect) that Palestinians could live anywhere within the Gaza Strip, one would have: 

9500 + 140 + 1250 = 10890 square miles of total land with:

1250 + 140 = 1390 or a little under 13% of the land owned by Palestinians with

4.7 + 2.0 = 6.7 million Palestinians vs. 6.9 Jews or:

49% of the people owns 13% of the land.


Clearly - the Native (American) population of Mississippi - which went from 100% to 0.24% of the population has been "the victim" - with the most claim to having been treated unfairly.

I would wonder, though whether Black People in Mississippi have around 9% of the land in Mississippi - among their 38% population.

This writing is ignoring many, many other areas of discriminatory laws in Israel - such as completely - Israeli-Jewish Only roads in the West Bank.

Looking at - land only, I'm left with the clear conclusion that:

Israel is an Apartheid State!


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