No More Excuses Fellow White Boy


No More Excuses Fellow White Boy

No More Killing

No More Silence

No More Mansplaining

-      -

Atlanta – two days ago

Columbine – 1999

Every Day

She wronged Me

I Had to Kill Her

and then Myself

-      -

I am Angry

I am a Victim

Life isn’t Fair

-      -

Being a Man

Requires Us

To Have

A Heart


A Soul


To Be

A Loving Brother

A Loving Son

A Loving Father

A Loving Partner

-      -

A Gun

Does Not Make

Me or You

A Man

-      -

We Must Listen

To Our Fears

We Must Hear

That We are Hurting

We Must Reach Out

Getting Help

From Each Other

-      -

I must stop!

I must end

My Isolation

From Myself

From Others

Around Me

-      -

I Want Sex

I Want to be Loved

I Want More Money

I Want So Much

-      -


I Can Not


What I Want

Being Silent

As I

And We Usually Are

-      -

I am Angry Today

I am Very Angry

-      -

I am Angry

At My Silence

Letting Others


Black, Asian-American, LatinX

Queer, Gender Fluid, Questioning


Who Are Around Me

Not Making Excuses

Not Being Silent

Doing the Work

That I Should be Doing


-      -

No More Excuses

Fellow White Man

We Must Love

Each Other

We Must Love Ourselves

We Must Begin

All Over Again


Really Being



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