WHITE MEN: What Did You Expect - p.s. I'm Guilty as Charged!



Joe Biden = 25% of his votes came from us white males

U.S. Senate = 68% white males

50 Republicans

1 Black Man

2 LatinX Men

8 White Women

39 White Men


50 Democrats

2 Black Men

2 Asian-American Women

1 LatinX Woman

3 LatinX Men

13 White Women

29 White Men


2021 Conviction Vote

-Republican White Men

5 Convict

34 Don’t Convict

-Republican White Women

2 Convict

6 Don’t Convict


50 Convict

0   Don’t Convict


-White Men Total

34/34 – /Don’t Convict

-Other Than White Men

23 Convict

9 Don’t Convict

Percentage to Convict White = 50%

Percentage to Convict Other Than White = 72%

Percentage Required to Convict = 67%


Note:  If one omits the white men from the vote of February 13, 2021, President Trump would have been convicted in the U.S. Senate

So who is responsible for what happened yesterday?

*It seems obvious to me that is us, white men!   Not letting others off the hook, we are guilty !

So who needs to do the work for positive change?

*Obviously, to me, primarily us white men.

Who needs to talk with their white male family members?

*Us white men.

Who needs to talk with their white male co-workers?

*Us white men.

Who needs to work seriously in the 2022 election?

*Us white men.

Who needs to talk seriously with their fellow white male co-workers?

*Us white men.

Who do we white men need to listen to?


Whose voices do we white men particularly need to hear?

*A lot more of – BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), women, trans people, poor(er) people, those whose views we may disagree with.

Case Closed!

Guilty as Charged!

NOW – the Real Work (should) Begin!


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