I'm Terrified

 I'm Terrified!

I'm very scared!

If Donald Trump wins the election, my fears feel very, very obvious!    The lives of my family - including being Black and being Trans/Gender Fluid - are potentially in great danger.    Danger - includes being killed.   It also includes living a life terrified of one's present and one's future.

If Joe Biden appears to be the winner, my fears may be less obvious.   Most clear, is the obvious possibility that the election could literally be stolen by The Supreme Court, or conceivably even by the U.S. House of Representatives.    Most of us are not aware that:

1. The House of Representatives certifies the results of the presidential election,

2. The vote of The House of Representatives is state-by-state, not individual representative by representative.

3. A majority of the states in the U.S. are majority Republican, even though there are (currently) more Democratic Party representatives in total.

4. A "Majority Vote" certifying the election results could occur where the Republicans of The House vote to certify a Republican victory, even if the total votes "should" indicate that Joe Biden has at least 270 votes in the electoral college.

If, Joe Biden wins the election, and is certified as the winner, other problems will exist that scare me greatly!

The Republicans will maintain control of the senate.    This will allow them, if another Supreme Court vacancy comes up, to block the nomination of a future nominee, such as was done with Merrick Garland in 2016, when nominated by Barack Obama.

Abortion rights may no longer exist in much of the U.S.    The Supreme Court could easily overturn Roe vs. Wade, leaving the right to abortion to be determined state by state.

The rights of gay/lesbian/trans people could be greatly limited by future Supreme Court decisions.

The rights of many millions of Americans to purchase health insurance with coverage for pre-existing medical conditions may well be eliminated within the next several weeks by The Supreme Court.

The potential actions of heavily armed individuals and local groups in reaction to Joe Biden being elected president could be very, very, very dangerous!

Much is unknown!   I can not foresee the breadth of all the horrible things that are likely to occur as a result of the 2020 election.   

It appears quite likely that Republicans will control both the Senate and the House of Representatives.   

Without control of both houses of Congress either:

1. Donald Trump will have virtually unfettered powers to bring a lot of even more horrible changes, than have occurred to date, or

2. Joe Biden will be president, with no mandate, nor control of what Congress will do for at least the next two years until the 2022 elections.

I hope that things will not be as bad as they look this morning as I write!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do NOT think that I am in any way crazy, or irrational in having the fears that I have.

I am fortunate that I am Not:

1. Of Color

2. Female

3. Working Class

4  Gay/Lesbian/Trans/Gender Fluid

5. Differently Abled

Others are not as lucky as I am.   It is NOT their fault!

We, "white men" have "triumphed" in a most horrible, horrible way.    Too many white women are complicit.    Some others have helped create this disaster.

I do have hope, however it is quite faint!


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