Harvey Weinstein - 23 Years!

Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison for several rape related charges. 

Harvey Weinstein is a "first offender".

Harvey Weinstein's victims have lifelong sentences.   They can not get paroled.

It is horrible, because Harvey Weinstein is in poor health.   It is terrible, because Harvey Weinstein is about to turn age 68.   He is an "old man".

Why is it that older, affluent white men are always victims?

Why do we never pay the price that others pay?

Harvey Weinstein should be an example for all of us.   We need to learn that rape is not acceptable.   We need to learn that there are consequences when we rape.

Harvey Weinstein may have a life sentence!   That is a good idea!   It will not bring back the lives that he stole from so many women.   It will not undo the harm he caused.

Harvey Weinstein did not confess to his crimes and plead for a lesser sentence.   Harvey Weinstein denied his guilt.

Harvey Weinstein is a horrible man!   Harvey Weinstein deserves at least a 23 year sentence.

Perhaps someday what Harvey Weinstein did will no longer be the norm as rape will truly be a crime of "deviance".    Today, unfortunately it is all too common.

In 1987 - I wrote a writing entitled Building and Sustaining a Health Men's Anti-Rape Group .  If one reads the paper today, it is troubling how little has changed over the 32+ years!

Will men finally learn?   We shall see!



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