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Booker T

It was a most wonderful evening seeing and hearing Booker T Jones and his band which also featured his son Ted.   Booker T read from his recently published book and talked about his life as well as playing wonderful music.  He is a most interesting man and a wonderful musician.  I was not aware of his musical studies at Indiana University early in his career with the MG's.

Booker T and the MG's Greatest Hits

I've increasingly noticed young women out in the unseasonably cold weather in jeans with huge holes fashionably in them.  I can understand that it is trendy to dress this way.  I don't fully understand, though, why one would wear such attire in weather with a wind chill of around 10 degrees.  I asked one such young woman, standing on the elevated train platform.   She confirmed to me that she was cold dressed as she was.   I then asked her my question.   She told me that she preferred these jeans over her other "thin jeans".   I prefer to be warm!

My Sweet Granddaughter - 17 Months Old

I very much value all the wonderful time I have with my delightful granddaughter!   I will always regret that I didn't have as deep a connection with my son as he grew beyond the early times such as this.

I'm very prejudiced, but she is very cute!   She is also charming!


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