Helen Silverman - Fond Memories

Helen Silverman died Monday at the age of 96.   I can't remember what year I first met Helen, but it had to be around 1960-1961.   I vaguely remember driving in Lafayette out near the Market Square Shopping Center before she and Ed were married.

I have many fond memories of visiting the Silvermans at their house on Salisbury Street in West Lafayette.   Helen was the lively one contrasting with Ed's quiet nature.   She was always very encouraging of me.   Before I began my running career she hired me to babysit for Emily (age one) and Judith (age 3) which I enjoyed after school on weekdays.

Helen was intelligent, warm and full of good ideas.    She was the glue that held the Silvermans together, coordinating the activities and lives of all in the family.   Caleb, the standard poodle, was a delight.

The Silvermans welcomed us both when my father was alive and after his death in 1964.   I kept in touch with Helen after I left WL and she was a good friend for many years.   I admired her moving into having her own life apart from Ed after the girls were grown.   Her move to Chicago I'm guessing was a good one for keeping her growing and enjoying life.

Just before Brenda and I were married in 2004, Helen sent us a gift.  I don't remember contact after then.  I presumed that she had died until I ran into Emily near our condo in Chicago recently.  I was sorry to learn then that Helen had no memory.

Helen was a warm, loving woman.  She will be missed!


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