Zoey - a Fun, Loving Dog

Zoey is mostly a joy to have.   She is a delightful companion.   She is affectionate and expresses what she wants and her feelings freely..

Her one difficult trait is her skittishness and her strong reactions to noises which aren't necessarily loud at all.

She is getting more and more expressive.   She sniffs the door opening in the elevator as Bubba did.  She bounds to the door, when I let her off her leash in the hallway.   Then she can hesitate before entering our condo.   There sometimes seems a fright element there, while at other times it's just a little of her rebelliousness.

Zoey loves windy times outside.   She jumps frantically at anything that is flying in the air.

She is calm with us inside, no longer "clinging" to be near on the couch between us.
Zoey rests on the rug by the front door and relaxes wherever she chooses.


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