You Can Not Know

You can not know

the Pain

I feel

the Fear

I have

the Loss

I face

Having woken up

Across the Center Line

at the Red Light

I could have Died

I could have Killed

one or More Others

=== Waking up

Late Night after Late Night

Hurting Endlessly

Unable to Sleep


Afraid that there is

Something Else Amiss

That I Really am Dying

=== Talking, trying

to wind through the path

Not being heard in part


No Question is Being Asked

Never – Why?

Never – How can I help you?

Fighting out of Fear, Hope

Anger and Much More

Not giving in to Voices

Doing their Job

But Not

Doing the Right Thing

===  You can

Do Better

If you Listen

If you Hear

Not Only

the Words of One

Before you Today,

but Also

The Words

of Those

Who Whisper

and are Silenced

by the:  “We can Not”

Your Voices – Repeatedly


=== You do not


To Hurt – To Even Kill


Unless You Listen


Not Only Hear

But Do – Do Much

The Pain, the Hurt

The Needless Violence

Of  Neglect

will Continue

You Can Not Know

But You Must

Try to Understand

to Hear

of The Hurt

Your Inactions

Have brought about

You Can Do

Much, Much Better


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