I'm Not Crazy - But - My Life is Totally Crazy Right Now

I'm Not Crazy


My Life is Totally Crazy Right Now

My body

is at War with Itself

Among great Beauty - Wonder

is Insanity

I can Not explain

- I can not drive


I fall asleep

at the Wheel

I am exhausted

My Sleep

Totally Disrupted

by the Failure

of my pelvic floor

I wake up

after little sleep

My Constipation

Totally, Totally

Controlling my Body

and through that


Impinging upon

my Mind

At the same time

My exercise routine


That I am in

Incredibly Good

Physical Shape



The Reader

Need - a Break

Saturday afternoon

I saw


The Greatest


I've ever seen

"How to Catch Creation"

Incredibly Written

by a Black Woman

Who Sees and Hears and Feels

So Very Much

Four Black Women

Who Love

Each Other


Two Black Men


Words can not convey

the Intricacies

and Wonder

of this Incredible Play

End of Intermission

There is Wonder too

Just completed

An Early Morning Walk

with Zoey

Our Wonderful Dog

Snowy Wonderland

We wove our Way

Through quiet, beautiful

City Streets

by the Silent

Snowy, Icy

Lake Michigan


With few

People around

Contrasted by Craziness

I try

to fit in

Facing Rejection

I do not Understand

I am not crazy


It makes me wonder

I recently met

A wonderful Man

We are starting

the Path

to becoming Good Friends

Something sorely lacking

in My Life

Only Recently

I badly hurt

The One

I love the most

Now, Miraculously

I see

So Much

Helping me try to heal

What I can

of the hurt - the pain

I have a life

Absent the Crazy, Crazy

Health Issues -

Thrusting into me

Every day

Nodding off

Last evening

as we watched

a not so good play

I have reached out

to my only

Past - Good, Good Friend

not knowing

if it is too late

for anything more,

But knowing

I did

The right thing

It is sad

That I see so much Beauty

While B struggles

with So Much

I am not Crazy

I do my Best

to be a good, loving person

Enjoying, Struggling Praying



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