My (Difficult) Attempts Efforts to Work Cooperatively With Allan Woodman (on the West Lafayette High School Memorial Blog)

During the summer of 2012 I began my efforts to create a website/blog to memorialize the deceased alumni of West Lafayette High School in West Lafayette, Indiana.    I found Allan Woodman, WLHS ’75, who seemed to have similar interests and we began talking on the telephone about working together.   This appealed to me a lot, because Allan clearly had substantial computer/website creation skills; an area I am not strong in.   Allan talked of having a Facebook Page and I talked of having a website which might complement the Facebook Page.  

Around late July or sometime in August, 2012, our communication ceased (evidently) related to our different visions.   With the help of a friend, I created the West Lafayette High School Memorial Blog at:   with a companion email address of:
I then initiated communication with Allan Woodman via email on October 10, 2012 (all our email communication that I can locate is below).   Our communication concluded with my email of October 14, 2012.   Subsequent to this I worked independently of Allan Woodman on my blog.   Occasionally I posted things on his WLHS Alumni Facebook page or emailed him giving him links to obituaries of (new) sites that I found.  

I fully respected Allan Woodman’s requests that I not mention my blog on either the WLHS Facebook Alumni and Memorial Pages until approximately August 22 or 23, 2018.   At that time I (evidently) misinterpreted the intention of a Facebook response I received from Allan Woodman (see my email to Allan Woodman of August 26, 2018 below).

On September 7, 2018 Allan Woodman stated in an email (complete email is below also):

For your information here is a listing of all the deceased Class mates I have in an Excel Spreadsheet. You can use this to see if you have them all listed on your blog, and or you can email me back with additions, and or class years for those you might have.

Hope this helps in your fine work. “  

In the next few days I worked on both the spreadsheet and the blog, line by line.   Where there were spreadsheet listings and no blog entry, I tried, where feasible, to develop a viable blog entry that would have at least a little information about the deceased alumnus.    I omitted obviously impossible listings such as names like: “James Smith”, particularly where there was no graduation year.  
Where there was a faint chance, I made very limited efforts at finding information online such as obituaries, memorial listings and other odd things.   Where there was a less common name, I did a lot of Googling seeking information.   In many cases I “struck out” and abandoned my efforts for that individual.

I added about 90 entries to the Memorial Blog.   I also discovered several duplicate entries, as well as a few odd errors like misspellings of names and corrected them.

The spreadsheet that Allan Woodman had sent me had 328 lines in it.    Many of the entries did not have a graduation year.   I always made every effort at having a correct Blog graduation year.  Those who went to the blog would find deceased classmates by looking at the graduation year’s page (or for younger or much older classmates the page that showed the decade they’d graduated in, broken down by graduation year within it).

In a minority of cases a graduation year was not clear.   Where the individual had been born in the last few months of the year and I did not have any information (e.g. a classmate indicating that the individual had graduated in their class), I would find another classmate of the potential graduation year(s) and ask them what year the individual had graduated from WLHS in.

I added over 100 graduation years to entries on the existing spreadsheet.   I also corrected a few spelling errors, added some maiden or married names, eliminated some duplicate entries and similar.

Through my methodical efforts I increased the spreadsheet size from 328 lines to 567 lines, a 72.9% increase in size.

I sent an updated draft of the spreadsheet to Allan Woodman late on September 7, 2018.    After extensive work over the next several days, I sent the final spreadsheet to him.

Although Allan Woodman indicated to me that he would post a link to The WLHS Memorial Blog on the Facebook WLHS Memorial Site if I sent it to him, he has not done this in response to my multiple emails asking him to do this.

On December 2, 2018 – I sent another copy of the updated spreadsheet to Allan Woodman in the off chance that he never received it from me.  I asked him to tell me if he’d not received it already.   As of December 7, 2018, I’ve received no response.   The spreadsheet shown on the WLHS Alumni Facebook page has a date of September 7, 2018

I have done my best to work with Allan Woodman.   I am left with the conclusion that he has not been cooperative and has done his best to “hide” my work from others (politely stated).

George Marx

July 22, 2012 · Seattle, WA · - on Facebook

I'm working with Allan Woodman (WLHS '75) on an Alumni Memorial Project - towards a new website where we can share memories of alumni we have lost. IF you: 1.) Know of alums - who have passed away or 2.) Know of classmates who may have lists of alums who've passed away in your class, please message me and give me an email address to contact you (or them) through! Thanks!
    From: George Marx []
    Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2012 11:55 PM
    To: Allan Woodman
    Subject: Hope - You are Doing Well - Question - re: Link to Your Alumni Memorial Page

    I hope that things have gone well for you since we were last in touch.

    I've gotten a little help and done a lot of work - revising the WLHS Memorial Blog to try to improve its appearance and usability.   It's not where I want it to end up, but is much closer to that place than I possibly could have hoped to get it in such a short time.

    I've added a tab link - entitled: "WLHS Alumni Memorial Page (on Facebook)" - which links to the Facebook page you created.   I think that this is supportive of and cooperative with your recent work.   If you feel differently, and want it removed, please let me know.   You can see what I'm talking about - if you go to the Blog - at:
    Thanks for your past support!

On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 1:01 AM, <> wrote:

    Clicked on the link but the page is all distorted and the information and colors are skewed.  What happened ?  Please correct and send me another link.
    Good to hear from you !!!  I have recieved no newer XLS sheets, so assume there are no more names added over the preceding 2 months.
    Allan Woodman
George Marx []
Sent: Friday, October 12, 2012 3:02 PM

Subject: Re: Hope - You are Doing Well - Question - re: Link to Your Alumni Memorial Page


I'm unclear as to the difficulty you've evidently had related to accessing the blog I created.  I am copying and pasting the URL - which you evidently had difficulty accessing:

I called up a friend of mine - gave him the URL over the phone, asked him to log onto Facebook - and he had no problem in accessing both the blog and the link on it to the Facebook page which you created.   He told me that it was entirely clear and "looked good".

I began working with you initially on the premise that we were creating something together - either a website or a blog - that would do what I thought was significant.   Perhaps we had a total misunderstanding, and if so I apologize for my part in this, however I heard you initially telling me that the spreadsheets were a first step of a process and that creating the blog or website would take longer.   During our last conversation, I heard you tell me both that you'd created mockups towards this later step and that you did not intend to go any further with creating such a site.

I recall you saying that a website or blog would be irrelevant to the younger alumni and that both you and I were "older" or "getting older" and wouldn't be around many more years and there was no point in doing more than what you'd already created (e.g. the Facebook Memorial Page and the spreadsheet).­­­­

I told you then quite emphatically that this was Not what I wanted to do.  I said that I'd previously agreed to what you suggested as a means towards what you'd at one point described as a site that would use a spreadsheet so that users could access pages/information or similar on individuals either by a name search or by the class year.   Recently - through a teacher at WLHS - I saw the site for his alma mater (Delphi High School) - - which is a detailed, excellent site, including a significant "Memorial" component.   I didn't expect something that detailed, but it certainly is something I can admire.

After our last conversation I was extremely disappointed and thought things - "hopeless" in this area.   Initially I'd been very enthusiastic about your ideas, your energy, and your evident technical skills all of which I thought could blend with my willingness to do the "grunt work".   A few days later, I woke up very early in the morning with an idea of how I might be able to make things work out on my own.

Now, with a little help from a friend, I've created and modified a site, that while far from perfect or complete, is a good start for what I wanted to do in the first place. 

I certainly want to support your efforts in these areas.   The link that I referenced in my prior email to you related to my desire to support your work. 

At the same time, I see no point, whatsoever, in duplicating my work with what I've created with your efforts on Facebook.  I feel no commitment towards updating the spreadsheet we worked on together, because my commitment to it was not as an "end result", but rather as a first step towards a larger goal.  

You certainly are welcome to use the blog - to gather data for the spreadsheet for updates, though I doubt you'd want to make that effort.  On the blog - additions - will appear near the top of the blog (though the modifications I just made added some irrelevant posts there).

I wish you luck in your efforts!

If you would ever wish to re-start working with me on this, your expertise could obviously make it significantly better.   Though I'm using HTML - in my updates now, my knowledge of it is close to zero - and I'm befuddled with things like the red dot - I can't figure out - why it's there at the top of the postings on the site.



I was shocked by your letter George               
Oct 13, 2012, 5:32 PM   
to me

My good sir:

Your message is rather arrogant and presumptuous is it not ?

The facebook accounts related to the Memorial Page will stand. Your excellent work at creating an XLS sheet will stand. However it will not be updated unless I am afforded the data to add. It is not a priority of it seems to be for you. Your rhetoric in the email just sent to me suggests you will not be affording me data as "your" web page is enough since "you" decided. That is okay. Kindly remember that the Facebook Account for WLHS is for facebook people. If "you" wish to create "your" own personal following to look at "your" records on "your" web site, then of course you have.  

When the link is clicked as you have mailed to me, the blog does not choose to present itself. I am using an advanced IE9 and perhaps I will need to fire it up in Chrome instead. I am sure the work is excellent. I look forward to seeing your blog when possible.

As for a comprehensive duplication website, I decided not to bother and informed you as to my reasons. Perhaps they were not plain enough to afford you meaning. If you look at the Facebook site, you will a dedicated page with pictures. But, I have not heard from you in months, and thought you had ended our partnership in production. Your message says as much here. 

You inflate and value your personal efforts and accomplishments to me, yet you spice them with barely hidden negative references toward my character. If you need to build yourself up at the expense of another, than I thank you for the compliments. It really is what they represent. Try being less pushy, less egotistical and less a showman. (I suspect you have been told this many times before in your life.) People will value your efforts for the work you produce.....just do not expect to be made a King. Live in humble servitude and divine peace with others through charitable works and deeds. Your rewards should be reflected from within for your service.

Also feel free to call me for an appointment George. (you have my number) I have colleagues near where you reside who may be able to meet with you. You seem to crave a lot of attention and you have a real need for praise and recognition. (in your letters at least)

Good Tidings to you George.

Oct 14, 2012, 12:20 AM


I see no purpose in either one of us creating any more negativity - related to our respective efforts and interests.   I don't believe that either of us are in opposition to what the other is trying to do. 
I apologize for the offense you've felt from what I said to you in my most recent email to you.   I see no need to discuss what I said in any further detail because further animosity is likely to occur with any such effort.

It seems pointless for my blog effort to involve you in any way, because further animosity is likely to occur with any effort in this area.

Because - I have no interest in further working on spreadsheet updates - and you have no interest in doing such work that - further updates are unlikely to be developed - unless someone else begins working with you.

I have deliberately made no mention - on the WLHS Alumni page - related to what I've created - because in the past when I mentioned work that we were doing together there you asked me to stop posting things there related to the efforts.   While I would certainly welcome any positive publicity there - I will respect you "leading" that site - and not - post anything related to the blog - there - unless you should indicate anything different from what you've said in the past.

I would have preferred that things have ended up more positive, however I've tried to be honest with you - and my "honesty" is clearly too blunt or otherwise feels negative to you.

Between the 2012 communication and the August 23, 2018  communication below, Allan Woodman and I had no direct communication that I am aware of.   The entry below explains what transpired in 2018 beginning then and ending with my last email to Allan Woodman on September 24, 2018. 

Thu, Aug 23, 7:54 AM

to Allan

It is difficult for me to write to you today!   I do not like to confront others and deal with disagreements directly.    My four step-siblings sued my mother's estate asking initially for over half a million dollars and it took me quite awhile to feel true, deep anger towards them.    Thankfully, the lawsuit eventually settled after much difficult work and despite financial costs they were resoundingly hurt as their case fell apart.

I hope that what seems to be between us is a serious misunderstanding which can be resolved with dialog resulting in positive solutions which benefit us both.

Initially when we communicated some years ago I hoped that with your technical expertise and my time commitment we could create together a website which would build a user-friendly resource that could help our classmates find information about other, classmates who have passed away and share their memories of them.   It was important to me that such a resource be a lasting memorial.

My recollections are that at the time we seemed to be moving forward towards a joint effort.   We hit a logjam when you insisted to me that the only way to reach our fellow alumni, particularly the younger ones, was through social media - in this case through Facebook.   I saw serious obstacles to what I envisioned in what you told me was possible at that time.   I thought then and I think now that such an effort could involve Facebook, but not be limited to Facebook.

Unfortunately at that time our communication ended and we separately created two distinct Memorials.   On the positive side we both have excellent products which our alumni are using.

Since that time from my perspective we have had distinctively opposite - public - reactions to each other's efforts.   At the top of the blog/website that I have created - there is a highly visible web link which states:  "WLHS Memorial Page (on Facebook)".   I have done my best to support your effort.   On a few occasions I have contacted you or your site and added information that I had to help your site.

You have never, to be best of my knowledge acknowledged the existence of the site I have created on either the WLHS Alumni Facebook Page or on the Facebook Memorial Page.   Until several days ago I fully honored your evident desire to not support the site I created by never posting anything on either of the sites that you have developed or otherwise did anything to make the site I created more visible to WLHS alumni through Facebook.  

The only thing that I did in "opposition" to you was to privately express distaste and concern at your failure to support my effort to several individuals.

Recently, I thought that you sent me a communication which complimented me on my efforts and indicated that you would support my efforts.   Perhaps I'm imagining things and received no such communication or I misinterpreted what you meant in the communication.  I don't know.

Based upon what I thought you had said to me, several days ago I posted a lengthy entry on the WLHS Alumni Facebook Page - providing readers of the page with information about the site I have created and built up - giving them a better opportunity to connect with and support the blog.  I received one communication which I suspect came from my posting.

I was seriously disturbed by your evident removal of my posting which happened within a few hours of it going on Facebook.   It seemed in direct contrast with what I saw as your recent positive communication with me.   I have no idea why you did what you did.  I would like to believe that you did nothing and that Facebook somehow screwed up and deleted my posting.     Such a conclusion seems improbable to me.

I am not a person who likes being in the limelight.   My social skills are not very good.   I prefer being in the background.   I have never sought acclaim for my efforts nor had any hidden agenda.

I am 67 years old.   I have a heart condition which seems to be under control.   My doctors tell me that in the long-term I am a good candidate for having a stroke.   I have long hoped to find someone younger to take over the blog.

The blog has close to 450 entries.   Not all of the entries have significant details like obituary notices, but a lot do.   I am particularly proud of the entries for Walter Taylor (1960) and Joe Stuntz (1970) - where I found substantial information about these classmates from online searches and posted them.

I would be very, very happy to - work with you on transferring the "ownership" of the site and its accompanying email address to you if you will continue to build and maintain the site.   Obviously you could technically improve the site and have links between it and the Facebook pages as well as promotion of it through the sites.   You could modify anything and improve things however you were able to.

Absent - communication towards transferring my effort to you - (which would be my first priority) - I would like to resolve your issues with the site that I have created.  I do Not know - what your problem is with my effort.  I do not know what I can do - to bridge the evident gap between us.   It seems irrational and petty for you to seemingly pretend that this site doesn't exist and to "protect" classmates from it.

I'm confused!?

I would appreciate a thoughtful response from you!

Aug 26, 2018, 5:46 PM

to Allan

I have heard no response to my email (below).    If you are busy or it otherwise is taking you time to respond, I can respect that, but would appreciate hearing that from you.

If you are choosing to Not Respond, that speaks a lot about who you are.   I prefer to hope that that is not the case.

Sun, Aug 26, 6:24 PM

to me
Dear Mr. Marx:

You were correct in your assessment of my involvement with business endeavors. I am reading your emails now and responding to your latest letter.

I was at first somewhat confused as to your point. The only relevant topic which seems to cross our paths was an advertisement you posted on the West Lafayette High School Facebook page, I administer.

I looked back at the history files and do indeed see where a posting from you was "deleted". This was intentional and automatic only from the standpoint that certain criteria will automatically flag and remove some content posted. This removal was automatic as it were and I am now seeing your posting to evaluate its content personally. 

1. Any posting needs to be done by a member of the group. I assume you are a member.
2. Any posting "authoring" a self adopting internal link will also be flagged.
3. Of course anything profane or attempting to "sell" a service or product (i.e. sunglasses) will be flagged.

This said, some content is allowed. Fundraisers for WLHS and "official"school organizations such as my partner the West Lafayette School District can post requests for plays, sporting events, and other school related functions.

Now to your message directly.

-Read the bottom, you will see I will post a link to your site if you choose.

-Below is some editorial to make my point clear as possible.

The West Lafayette High School Alumni Group does have a spawn page titled West Lafayette High School Memorial Page, and the West Lafayette Reunions Page. Both pages serve the function of imparting information in their respective categories. Information is supplied from the School Districts Administration Office and other public sources. You may have even contributed to this database in the past?

You detail that we have had some past connections of emails? I do recall some of them. You and I have moved in different directions since long ago. Frankly, I am surprised you are so interested in this venue I manage. I have maintained this Facebook presence and the membership has grown from around 100 to 1030 presently. The facebook page you attempted to post on is not a memorial site for processing deceased files however. Brief notices may appear from time to time and eventually I migrate them to the Memorial Page itself. The Group is for posting current activities and connecting with each other on some school related business etc. Your site no doubt also gets many visitors who want to see who has passed away. I suggest posting a link to your site on the School's Memorial Page itself. ( West Lafayette High School Alumni Memorial. ) Also, add your link to the following Group: "You know you are from West Lafayette Indiana if..." The admin is a friend of mine. Join the group and list your site. A lot of people visit.

I see you have your own Blog? This is related to deceased Alumni. Very admirable. Thank you. But, you and I are not collaborators. I make NO claim to your work and place no links on your site. I would respect the same from you.

I do not see the need for combining or re-directing alumni to each others sites to see duplicated information.

HOWEVER: Please forward me a link and I will get your Blog information posted on the West Lafayette High School Memorial Page. I feel you will be better served from here and it will be less confusing for each of our followers.

Thank you for writing me. I conclude this matter as settled.

Allan Woodman

West Lafayette High School Alumni Group
FB Administrator

Sun, Aug 26, 6:39 PM

to 722nwtrek
Mr. Woodman,
Thanks for your response to my emails.   -  a Link- as you suggested/requested

(It was pointed out on Facebook – that there was a problem with the WLHS Memorial Blog that made it impossible for some to access it.)
Tue, Sep 4, 6:49 PM


Thanks for your assistance!   Dave Curry - has fixed the WLHS Memorial Blog.    Access to it should be through a link to: - Only.   Do not list or use:  "www.W..." for the site.

Your support on the Facebook Memorial site - as you suggested - would be most welcome now!

AJW <>

Tue, Sep 4, 7:51 PM
to me
Ok. Good job.

Sep 6, 2018, 10:56 PM


In case it hasn't been clear - I would be very happy to have a link to:  or - on your Facebook Memorial Site.



AJW <>

Fri, Sep 7, 7:48 AM

to me

For your information here is a listing of all the deceased Class mates I have in an Excel Spreadsheet. You can use this to see if you have them all listed on your blog, and or you can email me back with additions, and or class years for those you might have.

Hope this helps in your fine work.

Allan Woodman
Administrator - FaceBook
West Lafayette High School Alumni
West Lafayette Memorial Page

Sep 7, 2018, 10:07 AM
Thank you!
George Marx <>
Sep 7, 2018, 7:58 PM

to 722nwtrek

IF - I continue -as I've started, your Spreadsheet is going to be both significantly larger, and have a lot more listing of what Class some of your entries are in and a few corrections of errors.

I am most happy to assist you in this.  It will take me quite a bit of time.

Where you have entries - that I may not have, and there certainly are a number of them, I won't be able to add them into my listings, unless I can figure out the Class that the classmate was in - which will probably rule out those who have moderately common names at least.

What I am doing (in methodically going through my site's listings on the site and comparing them to your spreadsheet - the latest I found on your site), you could do, but I presume that you wouldn't have the time to do it.  I respect that.  I am retired and have some time.  I know that you are very busy with your (professional) work.

You stated in your initial (recent) email to me - responding to my (initial) email to you:

   "I suggest posting a link to your site on the School's Memorial Page itself."

I am unclear how I can do this.   It seems that there is no open access for postings on the Memorial Page you maintain.  If I am missing something, please let me know how I can do what you are suggesting.

If - I can not post a link - as you stated, then I would hope that you will post a link for me.

Please excuse my ineptness or similar - If I'm missing something that is obvious to you.

I expect - as I continue doing this work that you will at least respect my work and try to be supportive of it.   We have Very Different venues for our classmates to use.   You have the substantive membership and ready access to followers - who will look at your new postings - as well as connect easily from the Alumni Facebook Page (and may look at the spreadsheet - that I am trying to help you update).

I would challenge you or anyone else - on the potential accessibility of obituaries - that Aren't recent on your page(s).    I think that what we do is Substantively different - in terms of What is available readily and what may be useful - for particular classmates at particular times.  I am not saying that what either of us is doing is "better" than what the other one is doing - but that they are Different.

I want to be supportive of your work and am trying to do so with what I am working on now.    I hope that you will be supportive of my work however you can support it.   I Will Not - remove the Link - on my site to your Site - Unless You Clearly request me to do so (again).   It seems short-sighted for me to not encourage classmates and others to use your site.

I will not do anything in this work - that I think is not helpful for the end users - our classmates and others.   I have received a lot of support from others in the work that I've done to date.  I see that classmates also appreciate your work - which I am glad to note.

Please - do not address me: "Mr. Marx".   If you are angry at me, express the anger - directly.  I am not trying to anger or offend you.   I want you to succeed in what you are doing.

Thanks for your help and supportive statements you have made related to my work.

Now - please help me however you can - in helping my site - being noted or linked or whatever seems reasonable and doable to you - on your Memorial Site.

George Marx <>
AttachmentsSep 7, 2018, 8:13 PM

to 722nwtrek

Attached is an update - I've compiled this evening - covering Only - the listings I have for the Classes of 1968-1970.   

I will send you another update - either when I complete it all - or sooner - if I get bogged down and it takes me longer than a few more days.

Attachments area

Thu, Sep 13, 1:53 PM

to 722nwtrek

I'm sure that you're swamped with work and other commitments.

I hope that you will be able to move forward in multiple ways with your Memorial Site as we have discussed in our recent correspondence shortly.

Sep 24, 2018, 1:58 AM

No further communication between Allan Woodman and myself has occurred besides a December 3, 2018 follow-up I sent with the updated spreadsheet.

There has been no listing/link noted on the WLHS Memorial Facebook Page as Allan Woodman indicated would be added, despite multiple requests by me (see above) to have it added.

As of today, January 23, 2019, the latest spreadsheet I have saved has 557 lines of text, while the listing by Allan Woodman remains at 328 lines.   It should be noted that the spreadsheet with 328 lines is 58.89% of the size of the current available spreadsheet.   The larger spreadsheet also has considerably more graduation years listed and has a few errors corrected from the smaller spreadsheet.

I reluctantly conclude that despite Allan Woodman's proclamations related to his work which sound "noble", that at heart he is a jealous, petty individual who would rather have limited, less detailed information available and try to effectively silence the work that I have done on the blog:  as well as having up-to-date, accurate spreadsheet data listing deceased alumni

rather than recognize that the work he and I do complement each other and can and should be mutually supportive.   I would welcome anyone reading this blog entry to email Allan Woodman at:

and tell him what you think of both his continued refusal to mention the previously referenced blog/website and his failing to update the spreadsheet listing on the Facebook West Lafayette Memorial page.

Thank you!


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