Green Book - A Wonderful Movie

I found Green Book to be a wonderful movie which I think that most everyone can enjoy!

The movie tells the story of a Black piano virtuoso touring the the South in 1962 which his White assistant.     The story deals primarily with racism, but it also brings a lot more into it.   Green Book deals a lot with the difficulties of fitting in when one is "different". 

It is hokey and cliched in part, but it has twists and turns and a depth that is wonderful.

There is both humor and seriousness in good balance.   It is a "Hollywood Movie" - but it has a depth and a warmth that few movies have.   The music is wonderful!   There is a lot more that is tremendous in this movie.

It is a perfect complement to the movie The Hate U Give - helping us White People - move forward on racism in a much less direct, less confrontational way.   The audience here was virtually 100% White - good for us - to learn.

Thank You Very Much to Michael C - for highly recommending Green Book!   You were oh so right!


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