Insensitivity - Through Incompetence - Taking Responsibility

Last evening I noticed an email from UPS - informing:

"Canine Bubba XXX######X"
(where the X's represent letters spelling my last name and the #'s represent numbers)
7##7 - #th Av NE
Seattle, WA 98145

(our prior address except that the zip code was 1 digit off)

that a Diamondback Drugs shipment- was scheduled to be delivered September 19, 2018 (that day).

I should note several things in relationship to this email and the effect it had on me.

Bubba - had taken Chemotherapy Medication regularly from Diamondback Drugs during almost all of the 2 3/4 years we've had him for his Lymphoma.  The Lymphoma was manageable.  He liked the pills he ate inside a piece of cheese which he took twice a week.  Unlike with humans, the chemo wasn't painful for him.

We had received all the shipments, except the last one,  in Seattle.  Evidently, Diamondback never changed our address on their records when at my request they shipped the last chemo shipment to us at our new address in Chicago.

Two weeks ago - Bubba's Veterinary Oncologist - told us that he probably only had weeks to live.  She showed us where there were clear signs on his chest x-ray showing that the Lethal tumor had spread beyond his mouth.   (Note: though their are signs of possible weakening,  Bubba  has done quite well since then.)

The Oncologist told us that we should stop giving Bubba his Chemo Meds.   We cried a lot then and threw out the remaining meds.

Getting this email - was a sad reminder (I'm crying as I write) of how short a time we have left with our beloved Bubba.

This was - However - much more upsetting - due to our prior recent contacts with both UPS and Diamondback Drugs.

On September 14th, five days earlier than the aforementioned email, we had received another email also from UPS.  This email - indicated that -

Kelly PXXXY (X's represent letters)
7##7 - #th Av NE
Seattle, WA 98145

--  surprise -- surprise - the identical address -  as the September 19th email - our old address with the wrong zip code - was to receive a delivery also from Diamondback Drugs.

I was initially most concerned that Kelly P - get her veterinary meds - which were no doubt for a serious illness such as Cancer.  I was also - upset at the error!

I - responded to Diamondback Drugs - website with an immediate message - telling them of the mistake.  Because it was late in the day, I waited until morning before calling  Diamondback. They apologized and assured me that the matter would be corrected.  I also received a response to my prior evening's message, apologizing and saying that the matter would be corrected.

Now - it's 5 days later from the first incident's beginning.   Now, there is no apparent - other party - who is not getting their meds. 

I was extremely upset!  Because it was late, I decided I would take care of things this morning.

I got up very early today- in part - because I wanted this resolved ASAP.  I was still quite upset.  Finding the email addresses for 3 Diamond Back higher ups, I wrote a lengthy email explaining the situation.  I expressed my extreme anger at their incompetence.  I explained how it had hurt me.  I sent it with the latest email from UPS. 

I waited several hours until the three potential respondents had had a chance to read the email- (though it was still early enough that no one might have read it,).   I first called the one Diamondback higher up - whose own phone number was on their site.  I left a voice mail message for him.   Not finding phone numbers for the other two men, I called Diamondback headquarters in Arizona.

The woman who answered my  call was helpful.  She told me that the two men I was trying to reach were:   1. No longer working for Diamondback and 2. Just left for vacation.   She indicated that another employee there - who worked directly under one of the men I was trying to call, would be happy to talk with me immediately.

Penny - was most helpful and apologetic!   She removed our email address from their database to make it unlikely that another email could be generated.   She talked of her impending communication with both men who still worked for Diamondback.   Penny - was clear that the problem that generated the emails was not resolved and would be resolved.

Penny - told me that it appeared that the problem was with UPS, not Diamondback.   She made it clear that she would clear it up with UPS.

I thanked Penny.   She indicated that she and/or others higher up would be calling me back shortly clarifying the progress towards the resolution of the problem.

After a few minutes I called UPS to try to ensure that IF the problem was with them, that they would clear it up.   I gave the respondent the two UPS routing numbers, while explaining the situation.  She told me that the problem was with Diamondback Drugs - and their use of the Quantum View - application.   At my request she gave me a phone number Diamondback could call to make sure that their interface with UPS was corrected.

I then emailed Penny giving her the information I had received from UPS.  I asked that someone confirm that my latest email had been read and that the issue was being cleared up.

Penny called back perhaps an hour later.   She was most helpful!   She indicated that various higher ups and technical support people were working on the matter.  Penny told me that our email address was off of their database which she hoped would prevent any future emails.   Penny indicated that they were continuing to work on the issues I had raised, to ensure that no one else could have similar problems.

I don't think that there will be much more happening on this.   It's been an experience.



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